The book "Risk Management in Scouting - Essentials for Leaders" is written for Scout volunteers who want to better understand the principles of risk management in connection with the planning and conduct of outdoor activities for Scouts.

The knowledge of outdoor risk management principles is essential for a Scout volunteer. In this book, James Hellwege, a 21 year Scouting volunteer, sets forth industry-recognized outdoor recreation risk management principles that will both help and encourage Scout volunteers to put forth

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About The Book

“Risk Management in Scouting – Essentials for Leaders”,  new in 2015, is written by a Scout volunteer specifically for Scout volunteers to help them better understand their role in monitoring the health and safety of Scouts under their care while exercising risk


About The Author

James Hellwege has served as the risk management chair of the Colonial District of the National Capital Area Council (Washington, D.C. area), has been a presenter of risk management principles to hundreds of adult volunteers at district-based BALOO, Boy Scout Leader Specific


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As evidenced by the blog posts, situations can and do happen during outdoor activities that include significant risk and possible harm to participants. The outcome of these situations , more often than not, hinge on the Scout leader’s ability to both

Ready to learn how to meet your legal duty of care towards your Scouts?

The book is particularly intended to be a user manual for adult volunteers new to Scouting, but should be of benefit to all adult Scouting volunteers.

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